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Jaime Mendoza-Nava was born on December 1, 1925, in La Paz, Bolivia, where he received his early musical training. Recognized as a child prodigy, he quickly won the admiration and respect of audiences and musicians alike with his unique compositions and orchestrations. At the young age of seven, he led a memorable concert that raised funds for the construction of an orphanage. He later pursued his musical studies in Buenos Aires, at New York's Juilliard School of Music, at the Royal Conservatory in Madrid, with Nadia Boulanger and at the Sorbone in Paris. Majoring in composition in Madrid, he completed the five-year course in study within one year and obtained the Conservatory's First Prize in 1950. After conducting the Madrid and Lima Symphony Orchestras, he became the music director and conductor of the Bolivian National Symphony Orchestra. In this post, he introduced to his native country important symphonic and chamber works from the modern repertoire and furthered the course of Bolivian national music. He also initiated the orchestra's first national tour in which he made music accessible to the diverse regions of the country. He was a member of the Congres de l'Olimpiade International de Musique in Salzburg and attended its second session in Pasadena, California.

After moving to Los Angeles, California, he pursued his interest in motion pictures and became a member of the Walt Disney Studios music department. There he scored music for television programs such as Zorro and the Mickey Mouse Club. Later he became the music director for United Productions of America, producers of the Mr. Magoo Cartoon series and soon after he launched an independent film post production company. During his forty-year career in motion pictures, he composed music for more than three hundred feature motion pictures, television series episodes, animated pieces, documentaries, and commercials. He recorded with some of Hollywood's greatest studio musicians and with the Munich Symphony Orchestra.

Mr. Mendoza-Nava has worked with the pentatonic native music of the Andes in many of his compositions, exploring its tonal possibilities and its powerful native rhythms. His Tres Danzas Bolivianas for piano are a good example of the modern treatment of the melody of this music. His Concerto for Piano and Orchestra, Don Alvaro (a symphonic poem), and Gitana for piano are more universal in style, though traces of an Hispanic influence are noticeable. Other important compositions include Serenade to an Orchid for Cello and Orchestra and the symphonic poems Antawara and Pachamama.

Most recently, a collection of Mr. Mendoza-Nava's vocal works was premiered in La Paz, Bolivia through the support of the Music Society and Ms Sarah Ismael. Also, several of his piano works have been performed at the Bolivian National Music Festival and elsewhere by Grace Rodriguez Radic, the piano virtuoso. Mr. Mendoza-Nava passed away on May 31, 2005 in Woodland Hills, California. He is survived by his wife of forty-seven years, Billie Johanna Mendoza, five children and five grandchildren.

Jaime (left) with Vicente (right), his older brother

Films / Television / Commercials


Aloha, Bobby and Rose    Cine Artists, Int'l        Part - Music
                Columbia Pictures

Adventure in Ventana                        Music

Angel's Flight            Crown Int'l Television        Music

Animal Island                            Music

Ayer me Echaron            Acemar            Music & Effects
Del Pueblo             (Bogato, Columbia)

Ballad of a Gunfighter           Bill Ward Prod.        Music & Assoc. Producer
(starring Marty Robbins)

The Black Klansman        SGS Prod.            Music

Blood Legacy            Studio West Films        Music
(featuring John Carradine)

Bootleggers               C.B. Pierce Prod.        Music/Post Prod.
(featuring Jaclyn Smith)

A Boy and His Dog           L.Q. JAF Prod.            Part - Music
(starring Don Johnson)

The Boys in Company C    Columbia Pictures        Music

Brighman            Golden West Prod.        Sound Effects

Brighman            Television Corp. of        Music & Effects
(new version)               America

Brother, Cry for Me        Hubie Kerns, prod.        Music

The Brotherhood of Satan    L.Q. JAF Prod.            Music
(featuring Strother Martin)    (Columbia Pictures)

Creature from Black Lake    Jim McCullough Prod.    Music & Effects

The Cut-Throats        Clover Films            Music

Dead-Eye Dewey &        C.B. Pierce -            Music & Effects
The Arkansas Kid        L.w. Ledwell

Death Force            Cosa Nueva Prod.        Music & Effects

The Dirty Movie        Winters-Rosen Prod.        Music

Don't Go West        Bam Prod.            Music/Post Prod.

Dream No Evil            Clover Films            Music        

Equinox            Jack H. Harris Ent.        Music & Effects

The Evictors            C.B. Pierce Prod.        Music & Effects
(starring Vic Morrow)

Fallguy                Harling Prod.            Music

Fantastic Balloon Voyage    Conacine-Avant Films        Part Music/Post/Trans.

The Female Bunch        Dalia Prod.            Music

Fever Heat            Fever Heat Ltd.        Music
(starring Nick Adams)

Five at a Funeral        Gamalex Assoc. Ltd.        Music & Effects

Force of Darkness        Paradise Prod. (GMT        Music & Effects

40 Days of Musa Dagh    High Investment Films    Music/Post Prod.

Free as the Wind        Gordon Eastman Prod.    Music/Post Prod.

Garden of the Dead        Entertainment Pyramid Inc.    Music

The Glass Cage        Futuramic            Music
(starring John Hoyt)

The Grass Eater        Leder-Norton            Music

Grave of the Vampire        Entertainment Pyramid Inc.    Music

Grayeagle            C.B. Pierce Prod.        Music/Post Prod.
(starring Ben Johnson,
Iron Eyes Cody)

The Great Lester Boggs    Centronics, Int'l        Music

Gretta                Television Corp of        Part Music/Effects

Handle with Care        Sonac                Music    

The Hard Road        Excelsior - 4 Star Prod.    Music

Her Name was Pocahontas    Viking-Essex Int'l        Music & Effects

High Country Calling        Gordon Eastman Prod.    Music/Post Prod.

High, Wild and Free        Gordon Eastman Prod.    Music

The Hostage            Heartland Prod.        Music
(starring John Carradine)

Hot Foot (Born to lead    Tom McGowan Prod &    Music/Post Prod.
The Pack)            Eton Assoc.

The House Near the Prado    Jean Van Hearn        Music

The House on Skull Mountain    Chocolate Chip    Song
                        Pinto Prod.

House of Terror        Gamalex Assoc. Ltd.        Music/Post Prod.

The Hughes Mystery        Inter American Films        Music/Post Prod.

Jailbait Babysitter        Entertainment Pyramid    Music

Jessie                Heather Prod.            Music & Effects

Just Last Summer        7 Star Prod.            Music

The Legend of Boggy Creek    P 'n L Prod.            Music/Post Prod.

The Legend of Alfred Packer    Packer Prod. Ltd.        Music

Los Angeles Streetfighter    Action Bros.            Music & Effects
(aka: Ninja Turf)                        Writer

A Man for Hanging        Westland Film Ind.        Music

Marine Battleground        Manson Distr. Co.        Music & Effects

A Matter of Winning        American Cinema        Music/Post Prod.

Mausoleum            Western Int'l Pictures    Music

The Midnight Graduate    Venus Int'l Prod.        Music

Missing Years of Jesus    Viking-Essex Prod.        Music & Effects

Mission to Glory: A True Story                Music/Post Prod.
(starring Richard Egan, featuring
Ricardo Montalban, Cesar Romero)

Mountain of Demons        Fairwind - Paramount        Music/Post Prod.

Mule Feathers        BAM Prod., Inc        Music/Post Prod.
(Narrated by Don Knotts)

Mysteries from Beyond Earth    Amer. Nat'l Ent, Inc.    Music & Effects

La Negrita            Empire Prod.            Music & Effects

Never Look Back        Gordon Eastman Prod.    Music/Post Prod.

No Man's Land        Cinema Video Int'l        Music

The Norseman        AIP & C.B. Pierce        Music/Post Prod.
(starring Lee Majors)

North Country Adventure    G - P Prod.            Music/Post Prod.

North of the Sun        Gordon Eastman Prod.    Music/Post Prod.

Ojos de un niño, Los        Televicine S.A. de C.V.        Music

Orgy of the Dead        Atomic Prod., Inc.        Music
                    (Ed Wood)

Our Hispanic Heritage    Merco Int'l Films        Music & Effects

Peace Like a River        Celebration House        Music

Portrait of a Hitman        Program Hunters, Inc.    Sound Effects
(starring Jack Palance;
featuring Rod Steiger)

Promise of Love        Bouchakian Bros.        Music & Effects

Psycho from Texas        Jack Collins, prod.        Music    

The Quick and the Dead    Manson Corp.            Music

Rip-Off                Michael Benet Prod.        Music & Effects

The Rotten Apple        United Prod. - Leder        Music

Shunga-Ko            Dainichi Inc.            Music/Post Prod.

The Savage Wild        Gordon Eastman Prod.    Music

The Shadow of Chikara    AVCO Embassy Prod.        Music

Shell Shock            Canyon Prod.            Music

Single Room Furnished    Unifilm                Part Music
(starring Jayne Mansfield)

Six Tickets to Hell        Int'l Film Corp. & C.F.M.    Music

Smoke in the Wind        Gamalex Assoc. Ltd.        Music & Effects

Solo                Dayton Stewart Prod.        Effects

Sons of Sassoun        Hye-Arts Int'l            Music Dir. & Effects

Sunset Strip            Shapiro Ent.            Effects

Southern Double Cross    The George H. Co.        Music

Spittin' Image            American Ntl. Ent.        Music & Effects

Starbird and Sweet William    Howco Int'l (Dick Anderson)    Music & Effects

Summer Children        Jack Robinette, prod.        Music

The Talisman            Mars Prod.            Music

Tears of Happiness        Mutual Film Corp        Music

Terror in the Swamp        Folse Prod (Shapiro Ent)    Music & Effects

Thunder County        Moon Properties, Ltd.        Music
(starring Mickey Rooney)

Toraoji annun haebyong    Daewon Prod.            Music

The Town That Dreaded Sundown    C.B. Pierce Prod.    Music/Post Prod.
(starring Ben Johnson)

Trail of the Wind        Gordon Eastman Prod.    Music/Post Prod.

Twice Bitten            Robert Waters - Prod.    Music
(starring John Carradine)

The Undercover Scandals of Henry VIII    All State Int'l    Music

We, a Family            Jean Van Hearn, director    Music

Wheeler            Jim Feazell Prod., Ltd.        Music

Where the Lions Rule        Ivan Tors Corp.        Music & Effects

The Wild Scene        Sam Jacoby, prod.        Music

The Winds of Autumn    A.I.P. - C.B. Pierce Prod.    Music & Effects
(starring Jack Elam)

The Witchmaker        Excelsior - 4 Star        Music
                    (Las Cruces Prod.)

(contributing composer)

"Gunsmoke"                            Music

"The Mickey Mouse Club"                    Music

"Mr. Magoo"   (United Productions of America)        Music/Music Director

"Zorro"                                Music

TV SPOTS:  (partial list)

"Apollo 11 - Man on the Moon"    CBS News        Music
"Apollo 12 - Return to the Moon"    CBS News        Music
"Apollo 13 - Aquarius O.T.M."        CBS News        Music
"Apollo 14 - Ten Years Later"    CBS News        Music
"Apollo 15 - Ride on the Moon"    CBS News        Music
"Apollo 16 - Orion on the Moon"    CBS News        Music
"Apollo 17 - Farewell to the Moon"    CBS News        Music
Democratic Convention        CBS News        Music
Republican Convention        CBS News        Music


Ageis-Orts            SMA Prod.

Burnt Earth            Jerry Ballard & Assoc.

Busy Bodies            Stanton Films

Cold                Ralmon Prod.

The Collins Report        G-P Prod.

Commodities            Nuclear Prod.

Coolant System        SMA Prod.

The Dawn Horse        Stanton Films

Eve of Eid El-Fitr        W-H Prod., Ltd

Fault Isolation            SMA Prod.

The Grove Story        Gordon Eastman Prod.

Haiku                Stanton Films

High Country            Gordon Eastman Prod.

History of Rocketry        SMA Prod.

A Hope Named Bolivia    Producciones Inter-America (Proinca)

How Does a Rainbow Feel    W-H Prod.

Hoy Bolivia #1            Producciones Inter-America (Proinca)

Hoy Bolivia #2            Producciones Inter-America (Proinca)

1966 Indianapolis 500    Spotlite News

It's a Good Day        Nuclear Prod.

Klystron Cooling        SMA Prod.

Light for the Lost        Seven Star Prod.

Mark 74 - Mod 9        SMA Prod.

Missile Handling        SMA Prod.

The Numbers Start with the River    W-H Prod.  (Academy Nomination - Documentary Short Subject)

Outreach            Nuclear Prod.

Plato's Cave            Art Gould Prod.

Punch of the PG's        SMA Prod.

Ronald A. Raasch        Larry Brayton Prod.

Ready Now (SSMC Summary)    SMA Prod.

Red, White and Blue…and Brown    Naval Missile Center Photo Dept.

A Return to the Good Life    Copley Prod.

Search by Sound        Seavision Prod.

A Simple Choice        Robt. Drucker & Co.

Someone Special        SMA Prod.

Spirit of America        Alen 'Or Prld.    (Academy Nomination - Documentary Short Subject)

Target Illumination        SMA Prod.

Tartar D            SMA Prod.

Three Stories            W-H Prod.
Up and Over            Bradley Wright Films

Vision: USA    (Issue 30)    W-H Prod.

    "    "     (Issue 31)    W-H Prod.

    "    "    (Issue 32)    W-H Prod.

    "    "    (Issue 33)    W-H Prod.

The Wayfarer            Burt Martin & Assoc.

Where's Mugu        F-M Prod.    (Best Industrial Film Award)


(Partial List)

Max Factor
Olympia Beer
Alberto Culver VO 5
American Dairy Assoc
Carnation Milk
General Electric